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Hints & Tips – How to change your folder view – Issue 21

Hi there. Hope these Hints and Tips help you use your computer better.

flagkeyShortcuts that are helpful

If you like to keep lots of icons on your desktop then it is helpful to know the quick keyboard command to “Show your Desktop. Try pressing the Windows Flag key and D. Notice it minimises all your open programs down to the taskbar at the bottom. Now press the same key combination again and you are back to where you started. Imagine you are writing a letter and then remember you want an email address. You can press Windows Flag key + D, click on your email program get the address and close it again. Now you can restore the letter you are writing back to full screen by pressing Windows + D.

googleimageUsing Google to find pictures and not words

Google is a great search engine. Did you know that you can do a Google search for a subject and then have it only return photos and not words? It works really well for finding a photo for a project. You can even use it for getting a new desktop wallpaper. Try this – Go to Put in a subject (i.e Mount Taranaki) click on images. Then click on Search tools, size and then select Large. Now you will have before you a selection of photos. Click the photo you are interested in then select the option that says View Image. Finally Right Click on the image and select Save Image.

folderviewHow to change the Folder View

Pictured here below are two different folder views. Both views can be useful in different ways. If you are looking for a specific holiday photo from last year you could use the Large Folder view. If you are looking for a date in a long list folders you would do well to use the Details Folder view. It is easy to change view. Just press the ALT key on your keyboard to turn the menu on. Then click View from the top menu. Now you can see from the options available where you can change the current view.

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